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We organize lectures, conferences and seminars we actively participate in round tables or other events. We provide expert consultations and discussions. We are committed to maintaining and promoting contacts with experts in various fields.

We offer lectures, seminars and intervention workshops for teachers, parents, pupils, students and others who work with children and youth (professionals in Youth Centres, Day Care Centres, boarding schools, kindergartens etc.). Moreover, we have carried out an extensive educational programme for professional workers in all Slovenian prisons (including the youth prison). We have been running preventive workshops in primary and secondary schools, mainly on topics of violence in the family, gender based violence, peer violence, sexual harassment and sexual violence, dating violence, discrimination etc.

Lectures and seminars
Lectures and seminars are targeted to teachers in elementary and secondary schools, parents, pupils, students and as well to all others who work with children and young people, such as professionals in Youth Care Centres, Day Care Centres, Youth Centres, boarding schools, kindergartens and other institutions.

We discuss the topic, content and conduct of lectures individually with clients. We take into account specific features and expectations of the target group.


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