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Association for Nonviolent Communication (Društvo za nenasilno komunikacijo) is a non-governmental, non-profit and humanitarian organization dedicated to preventing and reducing violence and its consequences. It was founded in 1996 when it was the first non-governmental organization in Slovenia with programs for victims of violence as well as for perpetrators of violence.


We believe that violence is a social and public health problem and it should never be considered a private home matter. We strive for an integrated solution to the problem of violence and therefore want to prevent violence and mitigate its consequences with programs for everyone who experiences it. Furthermore, we organize preventive and educational activities and different social actions. We consider it very important to cooperate with other institutions and organizations, on state and European level, as violence is a problem that requires integrative and systematic approach.


Our main objectives are: 

  • To reduce society’s tolerance of violence.
  • To help those who experience violence.
  • To help those who commit violence to change their behaviour.


Most of our employees started working with us as volunteers. They come from different professional backgrounds, mostly with a degree in social work, social pedagogy, psychology etc. They have all received an intensive training in the field of violence prevention and intervention. Besides, they receive regular supervision and are required to attend different educational activities to stay on top of the subject of violence, social work and counselling.


Most of our projects and programmes are designed and carried out by the employees. Nevertheless, volunteers play an important role in the Association. We organize an extensive training programme for new volunteers every year. Besides, they attend regular intervision sessions. Volunteers work in the programme “gathering with a child” or help us with administrative work.



Our main sources of financing are obtained through public tenders by Ministry of Labour, Family Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities, Local Communities, FIHO - Foundation for Financing Humanitarian and Disability Organizations etc. Therefore, our programmes are free of charge for our users. We also participate in different projects, financed by European Union funds.


There are also many individuals and companies that donate us different things (clothes, food, cosmetics for victims of violence, furniture for safe house ...).


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